We are a group of independent wellness businesses in South London, collaborating to provide clients with holistic wellbeing programmes. Our mission is to nurture and grow independent, local wellbeing brands through a streamlined referral programme, B2C events and business growth workshops. We support business owners in our local community and we believe in the power of being part of a support network of likeminded individuals. 


By joining Wellness Collab as a collaborator, you will benefit from being connected to trusted service providers to empower you to stay independent. You will be part of a referral network among peers and you will get brand exposure to prospective customers at regular events and workshops in South London. 


Wellness Collab is currently in a launch phase and we are looking for collaborators from South East London to join us. At this stage, an application process is in place to ensure there is a good fit with the group and that our service offerings genuinely complement each other. To get an idea of which services are applicable, please visit 'Who we are' and complete the application form.


NEWS! In light of the recent COVID-19 restrictions, the annual membership is reduced from £250/year to only £50! This is to ensure that our collaborators can promote their online service offerings and get a head start on scaling their business 'on the other side'. 



Wellness Collab started as a small group of female service providers targeting a similar target audience in South London. Rather than seeing this as competition, we all saw an opportunity to collaborate - to benefit our clients with complementary offerings, as well as helping fuel each others' business growth. The wellness industry should, by definition, be an inclusive and collaborative environment. This is what we are striving towards by offering opportunities to connect, learn and grow as humans and as business owners.


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